Byron & Lennox Tandem Hang Gliding

PRO FLYTE¬†Byron Bay/Lennox Head Hang Gliding School specialise in Tandem Hang Gliding and offer you the thrill of flying tandem from the Cape Byron Nature Reserve and also at Lennox Head. The spectacular views over the Cape Byron Headland on Australia’s most Easterly point are second to none. Witness and photograph the whales, dolphins, turtles and the occasional shark from silently above them.

Both Cape Byron and Lennox Head are excellent for Tandem Hang Gliding and take opposite wind directions therefore allowing us to fly tandem more than anywhere else in Australia.

Tandem hang Gliding at Byron Bay is conducted in winds from the South East.
Tandem Hang Gliding at Lennox Head is conducted in North Easterly winds. We have it covered so you are given the best opportunity to Fly tandem with Byron/Lennox Hang Gliding.

With more than 7000 tandem flights Peter Aitken can tailor your flight to suit you. Every person is different in many ways and it’s Peter’s thousands of hours of experience that can allow a comfortable safe flight.

We offer 30 or 60 minute Tandem Flights for those who want to fly tandem without having to commit to a full Hang Gliding Instructional Course.

On the day of your tandem flight we contact you at approximately 9 am for a weather check and arrange the time that will suit you.
We supply transport for you if you wish.
On arrival at the site your are guided through the regular paperwork whilst the team sets up the Tandem Hang Glider.
Peter then gives you a simple briefing on the steps involved. Broken down into easy to follow segments at a pace that suits you.
You are helped into your special Tandem Hang Gliding harness, it’s adjusted to suit your size and shape to ensure maximum comfort during your flight.
The next step is to practice the take off together which is nothing more than a few easy steps into the air.
Once in the air you will feel safe and comfortable within seconds. The feeling of being elevated by the air being deflected upwards from the terrain below is awesome.
With legs tucked up into your harness it is then closed using a zip and your whole body can relax into the harness which is designed for comfort and safety.
It’s easy to speak to each other and in fact it’s very peaceful and quiet in the air… Nothing like skydiving!
Every day the air is a little different to the next . It’s Peters wealth of knowledge and his imagination that can gain the most out of what the flying conditions have on offer. Whether the flight is slow and gentle or fast and extreme with some fun tricks, to a full lesson. Peter can tailor the flight to suit you! Most flights are in fact a mixture of all of the above! Its up to you!
Landing is so easy! We land on Tallow Beach below the Cape. Just like a seagull! There is no need to run! Landing can be a lot of fun if you want us to make it fast with a full stop.
Landing at Lennox is back on the top and therefore making the turn around between flights quicker and easier than Byron.
You are welcome to bring your own camera into the air, however SLR cameras are too large and please make sure there is a hand strap so we can fix it to our special cord attached to the harness. The camera has a place inside the harness which is easily accessed with your right hand.
It is best to wear light foot ware or even fly in bare feet. This way its easier to feel where your feet are going when you tuck your legs into the harness.
T-shirt and shorts are usually all you will need to wear unless it’s winter.
We have the Go Pro with wide angle lens giving a front on view. These are mounted onto the glider for our DVD’S.

The quality is excellent and its a great way to remember and to share your experience with your family and friends.

Byron Launch Point

Byron Launch Point

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Lennox Head Launch Point

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Strict 90kg limit.